Liste 100 verbes action et mouvements anglais

Liste 100 verbes action et mouvements anglais


accompagner to accompany
s’étendre / s’étaler to spread out
accélérer to accelerate
aller to go
amener / apporter quelque chose to bring
applaudir to applaud
arrêter to stop
arriver to arrive
atteindre / rejoindre to reach
attraper to catch
augmenter / récolter to raise
avaler to swallow
avancer to advance
bailler to yawn
boire to drink
bondir / sauter to leap
bouger / se déplacer to move
casser / briser to break
chanter to sing
chercher / rechercher to look for
choisir to choose
chuchoter to whisper
cligner des yeux to blink
compter to count
conduire to drive
construire to build
courir to run
crier to yell
cuisiner to cook
danser to dance
déplacer (quelque chose) to move something
descendre to go down
donner to give
donner un coup de pied to kick
dormir to sleep
écarter to separate
échapper to escape
écouter to listen
écrire to write
embrasser to kiss
embrasser / faire un câlin / prendre dans ses bras to hug
emmener / prendre / emporter to take
enseigner to teach
entrer to enter
escalader / grimper to climb
esquiver to dodge
faire un clin d’oeil / cligner de l’oeil to wink
fermer to close
flotter to float
franchir (quelque chose) to get over something
frapper to hit / to punch
glisser to slide
grossir / devenir gros to get fat
hausser les épaules to shrug
hurler / crier to scream
jeter / lancer to throw
lécher to lick
lire to read
mâcher to chew
manger to eat
marcher to walk
mordre to bite
nager to swim
ouvrir to open
parler to talk
partir / quitter to leave
passer to pass
penser to think
perdre du poids to lose weight
pleurer to cry
plier to bend
plonger to dive
pointer to point
porter / emporter to carry
poursuivre to pursue
pousser to push
ramasser to pick up
ramener / rapporter to bring back
ramper to crawl
reculer to back off
reculer / revenir en arrière to move back
regarder to watch
renifler to sniff
réparer (quelque chose) to fix (something)
répéter to repeat
respirer to breathe
retourner / revenir to return
rêver to dream
rire to laugh
rouler to roll
s ‘éloigner to move away
s’accroupir to crouch, to squat
s’allonger / se coucher to lie down
s’approcher to approach
s’asseoir to sit down
s’évader to evade
sauter to jump
se doucher / prendre une douche to shower
se garer to park
se lever to stand up
se mettre à genoux / s’agenouiller to kneel
se retourner to turn around
secouer to shake
sentir to smell
siffler to whistle
sortir to go out, to exit
souffler to blow
soulever to lift up
suer / transpirer to sweat
suivre (quelqu’un) to follow (someone)
tirer to pull
tomber to fall
toucher to touch
tourner to turn
traîner to drag
travailler to work
venir to come
verser to pour
visiter to visit
voir to see
voler to steal


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